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T: Good morning, everybody. I am happy to see you. How are you?

SI: I am fine.

S2: I am OK.

S3: I am fantastic.

S4: I am nice.

S5: I am so-so.

S6: I am bad.

T: Why are you bad?

S7: Because the weather is not fine.

T: Do your feelings depend on the weather?

S7: Yes, when the weather is bad, I’m bad, too.

T: As you know, in such weather you can easily catch a cold or fall ill. As a result, you must call the doctor and begin to take care of your health. “Health and Our Life” is the topic of today’s lesson.




T: Look at the blackboard, please. You can see a table with 3 columns: parts of the body, diseases and symptoms.

1. Put the words into an appropriate column.

Eye, mumps, stomachache, knee, wrist, chest, sore throat, ear, head, toothache, sneezing, heart attack, tu­berculosis, chicken pox, ankle, bronchitis, headache, toe.


Parts of the body








2. Match the words.






Look after






your lifestyle


Give up


a check up

5 .

Keep in


your teeth


Take up






a sport








a balanced diet

Key: 1-d; 2-b; 3-f; 4-а; 5-h; 6-g; 7-е; 8-е; 9-і.

3. Complete the sentences.

1. Just eating chips is no good for you. You need a…. (balanced diet).

2. She looks far too thin. She needs to... (give up smoking).

3. My aunt... (takes up a sport) by going swimming three times a week.

4.1 haven’t been to the dentist for about 2 years. 1 think it’s time for me to have... (a checkup).

5. My sister’s a vegetarian. She... (gave up) meat three years ago.

6. I’d like to do something different at weekends, I think I’ll... (keep in shape) by cycling.

7. Bill left home when he was 17. He had to leam to ... (look after) himself very quickly.

8. Jenny has a wonderful job and earns a lot of money! Many people are envious of her ... (lifestyle) but she’s actually very lonely.



While listening

T: Assume that you are watching a talk-show “Health and Our Life”. Listen to the dialogue between a reporttfl and some guests.


R: Do you think you’re basically a pretty healthy person?

Helen: Yes, I get a cold once a year every three years and you know that’s about it.

R: And do you think that’s because of what you eat and exercises you take.

Helen: I don’t know. I like food and I eat, as I think, healthy food. I don’t like sweets very much and I eat raw food, and fruit, and vegetables, and lots of salad, but too I much, too much of everything.

R: And do you take regular exercises?

Helen: Not enough. In summer I ride a bicycle, and  in winter I try to do some swimming regularly, but I really ought to be more disciplined about it.

R: You look extremely healthy. Do you think you are a healthy person?

Andre: Well, I feel healthy. I have a healthy outlook on life, and I’m not too bad.

R: Right, and what about your diet? Do you think it’s healthy? Do you watch your fat cholesterol levels all the time?

Andre: Not really, because I enjoy the taste of things too much, the things that i’m not supposed to eat, like roast meat and friend food and, you know dairy products, which i enjoy, so it’s not the world’s healiest diet.

R: Right, and what about exercises? Do you jog or play tennis, or something?

Andre: I play football once a week if I can, and when I can avoid getting a bus, you  know, I try and walk places. So that’s about the only exercise I do.

After listening

Mark the sentences true or false.

1. Helen is a healthy person.

2. She likes sweets very much.

3. She rides a bicycle in summer and in autumn. She likes skiing.

4. Andre watches his fat cholesterol levels all the time.

5. He likes eating fish.

6. He plays football once a week.



T: Look at the quote by Socrates (469 - 399 B. C.) who said, “Bad men live that they may eat and drink, whereas good men eat and drink that they may live”.

How can you comment on this saying?

S1: I think we should eat for our living.

S2: I guess, we eat to live, but we do not live to eat.

S3: I’m sure that our life is good when we have good health.

S4: I agree, with my classmates, because health takes the first place in our life.

S5: In my opinion, our life depends on our health, and our health depends on our food.



      T: We are what we eat. Surely we all know that “Food can dictate your mood.” And if you want to be strong and healthy you need to keep a balanced diet. Look at these posters and name some products of four main groups.

       S1: Meat/fish group: meat, sausage, ham, fish, eggs, tinned meat/fish, sea products.

       S2: Milk group: milk, cheese, sour cream, yoghurt, butter, cottage cheese, ice cream.

       S3: Vegetable/fruit group: tomatoes, cucumbers, cab­bage, carrots, potatoes; apples, pears, grapes, berries, cherries, lemons, bananas, oranges.

       S4: Bread/cereal group: bread, rolls, macaroni, cereal, rice, buckwheat, porridge, oats.

       T: Assume that you are waiting for the guests. They are going to stay at you for the whole day. You have to prepare three meals for them: breakfast, dinner and supper. Use the foods that are below.

       Breakfast: milk, cereal, bread, butter, cheese.

       Dinner: vegetable soup, meat or sausage, macaroni, may be potatoes with fish, some salad (tomatoes, cab­bage, carrots).

       Supper: yoghurt, banana, biscuits, ice cream, berries, cherries.

        (Students present their Ideas In front of the class.)



      T: Tell me, please, why some people look energetic, strong, attractive in summer, but when winter comes, they are weak, pale, sad and tired. What do they need? Vitamins of course!

      We have a guest. This woman is a diet expert and she’ll tell you everything about vitamins.

      Diet expert: It’s very important to eat healthy food and get the right balance of vitamins in our diet. For example, vitamin A, which we get from eggs, milk, fruit and green vegetables, is necessary for our growth, healthy skin and eyes.

       Another good example is vitamin C. We get it from green vegetables, fruit and potatoes. We need vitamin C for healthy skin, bones and muscles. Food also provides us with lots of important minerals - calcium and iron, for example. We get calcium from milk and cheese.

        Calcium is important for building healthy teeth and bones. As for iron, we get it from liver, meat, fish, cereal and green vegetables. Iron helps to give us healthy blood.

After listening

Ask the diet expert as many questions as you can.

Possible questions.

S1: What is necessaryfor our growth?

S2: What is necessary for healthy skin and eyes?

S3: What vitamin do we get from eggs and milk?

S4: Where can we find vitamin C?

S5: What do we need vitamin С for?

S6: Why is calcium important for us?

S7: What is necessary for healthy blood?



      T: What do you need to be healthy? I hope now you can answer this question. Split into groups of four and make rules what you should do if you want to be strong and healthy.

Possible list of ideas.

       You should eat good food to stay healthy.

       You should get a good sleep.

       You should do morning exercises.

       You should keep your body clean.

       You should wear clean clothes.

       You should never smoke.

       You should have a balanced diet.

       You should take a cool/cold shower.


       T: You were active in the lesson. We have really done a lot of useful things. At home write a composition ‘‘If you want to live to 100, you should... ”


Volosko, H. Health and our life: [урок англійської мови : Здоров'я та наше життя] / H. Volosko // English language & culture. Шкільний світ , 2013 . – № 4. – С. 20–21.

Suggested level - A2+

Halyna Volosko, a teacher of English, specialising secondary school # 3, Novoyavorivsk, Lviv region.

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