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- to develop students' speaking and reading skills;

- to teach students to write an article;

- to develop logical thinking;

- to extend students' knowledge about advantages and disadvantages of computer games.

Equipment: a course book New Streetwise Intermediate by Rob Nolasco, OUP, a tape, handouts.



T: In our today's lesson we'll speak about computer games, discuss their role in our life, their advantages and disadvantages.



T: Today we can't imagine our life without computers. Computers are everywhere: in offices, banks, in our homes. What do we use computers for? Complete the sentence written on the blackboard. People use computers...

(Students give their ideas.)

to get information;

to send messages;

to study and work;

to buy things;

to listen to music;

to watch films;

to play games etc.

(Teacher writes all the ideas on the blackboard.)



Group work

T: Many teenagers nowadays spend hours playing computer games. How many hours a week do you play computer games? Do computer games have more advantages or disadvantages? (Ss answer the questions.)

(Teacher asks students to split into two groups: A - those who think that computer games have more advantages, B — disadvantages. In their groups students make lists of advantages (A) and disadvantages (B) of computer games.)



·         Playing computer games is fun.

·         You can learn many new things playing computer games.

·         You can play computer games with your friends — it's a kind of competition.

·         It helps to relax after school.

·         Playing computer games you learn to solve problems.


·         Playing computer games takes a lot of time.

·         It's bad for your eyesight.

·         You lose contacts with friends.

·         You don't have enough time for studies or sport.

·         Some computer games are violent, they can make you aggressive.

(Afterfinishing the activity groups in turn read their sentences. Each group tries to prove that they are right.)


A. Playing computer games is fun.

B. But it's bad for your eyesight.

B. You lose contacts with your friends.

A. But you can play computer games with your friends and make it a kind of competition.


Before reading

T: When a person can't stop playing computer games, he/she is called a computer addict. What other things can be addictive? (Ss'answers: alcohol, drugs, smoking, television, shopping, etc.)

While reading

SB ex. 3, p. 36.

Read the article and complete it with the words and phrases below.

However (x2), but (x2), According to, because (x3).

(Remindstudents that we use "however" and "but" to introduce the contrast, "according to " to introduce someone's opinion, and "because" to introduce a reason.)


What will you be doing this evening? Will you be playing a computer game? I will. (1) ______ , I think I would be better off if I weren't, because of many dangers it can lead to.

I have been a computer addict since I was ten. I am now fifteen and I can't get rid of my habit.

My father constantly tells me to do something with my life and stay away from the computer. I try (2) ______ the games are t oo addictive. These days I play for about twenty-five hours a week. Playing video games stops me from exercising and playing basketball. I have no time for friends. My schoolwork also suffers (3) ______  I always do my homework as quickly as possible.

(4) ______  an article 1 read, these games can make you antisocial. I'm not sure if that is true. I know that I find it difficult to talk to people but that is because of t h e games or (5) ______  I have always been shy?

Many of the games are very violent (6) ______  nobody takes them seriously. They are just fun.

(7) ______ , some experts say research shows that games can make you violent and aggressive. I find that difficult to believe (8) ______  I've always been one of the most gentle boys in my class.

The main problem with games is that they are too much fun. Lots of young people play them and if they are not careful, they can take over their lives. I hope I get my life back soon.

Key: 1) However; 2) but; 3) because; 4) According to; 5) because; 6) but; 7) However; 8) because.

After reading

Vocabulary revision

TB p. 34.

(Students work in small groups. Each group gets two sets of cards (each set is printed in different colour). One set has words and phrasesfrom the text, the other — their synonymic expressions. Ask students to match the words from the text to their synonyms.)

Words and phrases from the text:

1) can't get rid of; 2) stay away; 3) antisocial; 4) shy; 5) gentle; 6) take over; 7) dangers; 8) constantly.

Synonymic expressions:

1) unable to free yourself from something; 2) keep away; 3) not having many friends; 4) reserved and nervous; 5) kind, not violent or rough; 6) take control of; 7) something that may cause damage; 8) all the time.

(One group reads their answers, other groups compare and correct if necessary.)


1. Rules

(Explain to the students that to write a good article they should know some rules. Students read "Improve your writing" section on page 31.)

2. Matching topics to paragraphs (TB p. 34)

(Write these topics on the blackboard (or write them on a big sheet of paper before the lesson.)

A. The problem and its effects.

B. Introduces first opinion and rejects it.

C. Introduces second opinion and rejects it.

D. Summary of own point of view.

E. Introduction to the topic.

(Ask students to match the topics to each paragraph of the article "Give Me Back My Life".)

Key: E; A; B; C; D.

3. Practice (SB c. 31)

T: Now we will practise using some words and expressions which you need to write a good article. I believe that the information given below will encourage those who like playing computer games.

(Students do the exercises individually; compare their sentences with a partner's. Then the answers are checked with the class.)

Complete the sentences with the expressions below. (Ex. 4, p. 31)

According to, Research shows that.

1. _______ . a recent television programme, boys who were computer addicts have done well at university.

2. _______  computer addicts are the inventors of tomorrow.

3. _______  the people who make the games, violence is part of society.

4. _______  addiction to games disappears when kids get older.

5. _______  some experts, the games improve computer skills.

Key: 1) According t o ; 2) Research shows that ; 3) According to; 4) Research shows that; 5, According to.

Complete the sentences with "however", "because" or "but". (Ex. 5, p. 31)

1. Knowing about computers can improve your social life _______ other children ask for help.

2. Computer addicts are shy _______  they are not antisocial.

3. Some games appeared almost twenty years ago. _______ , they are still popular.

4. Games are important for a child's development _______  they give children problems they can solve.

5. Children can learn a lot from computer games. _______  parents should control the amount of time they spend on them.

6. Girls do not learn as much about computers _______  they don't play as many games as boys.

Key: 1) because; 2) but; 3) However; 4) because; 5) But; 6) because.           

Джерело: English. – 2010. - № 41- с. 15-16.

Suggested level - B1 intermediate

Natalia Sizova,

a teacher of English,

school # 6, Chernivtsi

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