Конспект уроку на тему: "Festivals and holidays"

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- to teach pupils to generate their ideas and express them in projects;

- to develop pupils' understanding and respect for other peoples' traditions.



T: Tell your classmates about the most memorable day of your life or the most interesting event that happened during your summer holidays.


T: Some days become unforgettable because of t h e events or meetings that take place in our life. Today is an ordinary week day. But our life consists of festivals and holidays as well. Week days are followed by days off, ordinary days give place to holidays. Here are the names of some festivals. (Pupils are given the cards.) Write as many key words on the topic as you can.

(Pupils read their lists of key words. They have to find their partners who have the same festival to describe and form four or five groups of 3-4 pupils.)

T: Work in teams. Each team has to write at least 5 questions in order to use them as a plan of a project.

(Pupils make their projects to introduce the festivals. They can use pencils, pens, felt pens, postcards, toys, poems and songs. After they havefinished, they make a presentation of their projects.)


T: We start our festival presentation with Christmas because it's the first holiday in a calendar year. What other festivals will be presented? (St. Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving Day.)

(While one group is presenting the project, other pupils are listening in order to report the information as journalists, they are supposed to use indirect speech.)


T: Each of you will get a list of questions. Answer them and write a composition about your favourite holiday.

Sample 1

1. Definition. What are festivals? Classify and divide them into types.

2. Comparison. To what extent are festivals alike or dif-j ferent from each other?

3. Relationship. What causes festivals? What effect| do festivals have on people?

4. Circumstances. What kinds of festivals exist? What things are possible in festivals? What is not acceptable? What curious facts about festivals do you know? What predictions can you make about festivals in the future?

5. Testimony. Where did festivals originate from? What statistics are available? What time-tested theories or laws support festivals? What personal experience of festivals do you have?

Sample 2

1. Describe. What are the colours, size, shape, smell, sounds of festivals?

2. Compare. What are festivals like or unlike?

3. Associate. What do festivals bring to mind? What are festivals part of? What is part of a festival?

4. Apply. How can festivals be used?

5. Argue. What is good and bad about festivals?

Джерело: English. – 2010. - № 38 - с. 12.

Suggested level - A2+ pre-intermediate

Halyna Skryts'ka,

a teacher of English,

secondary school # 24, Cherkasy

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