Конспект уроку на тему: "Health and medicine"

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- to develop students' skills in speaking, reading andlistening;

- to use reading strategies for filling gaps in thetext;

- to develop listening comprehension skills;

- to test students' computer skills.

Equipment: a tape-recorder, a computer, texts for reading and listening, cards.



T: Good afternoon, children.

Ps: Good afternoon, teacher.

T: I am glad to meet you.

Ps: We are glad to meet you too.

T: Are you OK today?

Ps: We are OK (fine) today.


T: I think it is better to start any business with a good mood. I am sure nothing but compliments can put anybody in the right mood. Saying nice things makes people feel happy. Try to compliment each other. (Pupils give compliments.)

T: What proverbs about health do you know?

P1: An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

P2: After dinner sit a while, after supper walk a mile.

P3: Desperate diseases must have desperate cures.

P4: Good health is above wealth.

P5: A sound mind in a sound body.

T:  What proverb may be the motto of our lesson?

P1 : A sound mind in a sound body.

T: You are right. So, the theme of our lesson is "Health". There are no people who are indifferent to this topic. Everybody wants to live long. But not all people know how to do it. Perhaps our lesson will help them.

T: What do you associate with good or bad health?

Good health

Bad health


healthy food







T: What can you say about medicine?

P2: As you know there are different kinds of medicine.













T: What do you usually do when you fall ill?

P6: I see my local doctor.

T: What does the doctor do?

P7: The doctor asks me to describe the symptoms of my illness. Then he takes my pulse, looks at my tongue, listens to my heart and checks my temperature.

T: What does the doctor do then?

P8: Then he gives me some treatment or sends me to see the specialists. The specialists work in medical centres or in hospitals and prescribe medicine - pills, tablets - that I can buy at the chemist's.

T: Who knows about private hospitals?

P9: There are many private hospitals today. You can go to the private doctor. You have to pay there, but it is usually expensive. Today many people can get private treatment.


Complete the story using the words and word-combinations from the box: morning, take care of, bed, thermometer, looked, for, falling, fully, a few, bedside, temperature, darling.

I remember (1) _____  ill at school. I woke up in the (2) _____ your (3) _____ to a changed world. "Well, let me take," Mum said. I put the (4) _____ into my mouth. Mum sat at the (5) _____  and chattered brightly (6) _____ a moment, then she took it and (7) _____ at it. "Now, (8) _____  , you stay in (9) _____  and I will (10) _____ you And she did so well that I (11) _____ recovered within (12) _____  days.

Key: 1) falling; 2) morning; 3) temperature; 4) thermometer; 5) bedside; 6) for; 7) looked; 8) darling; 9) bed; 10) take care of; 11) fully; 12) a few.


Listen to Hob, an American teenager, telling a funny story about his visit to the doctor and mark the true statements.

1. Hob came to the doctor's office.

2. He was the only patient on that day.

3. He sat reading a book.

4. Hob complained to the doctor of his health problem.

5. The doctor examined Hob.

6. Hob wasn't sick.


Read Phil's story about the traditional treatment of colds in England and in the list of recommendations below tick the odd ones:

1) open all the windows;

2) open all the doors;

3) drink tea;

4) drink coca-cola;

5) eat a large breakfast;

6) eat a light meal.

After reading

What are the traditional treatments of colds in Ukraine? Discuss with your peers.


T: Well, we have worked enough. Let's have a break. But use it with the benefit. What are the unscrambled sentences in this puzzle?

Asdiseaseisusuallycharacterizedbyasetofspecificsymptomsandsignsthedoctorwillaskyoutodescribethesympt omsofyourillness.Thenhe' lltakeyourpulselookatyourtonguelistentoyourheartandlungsandcheckyou rtemperature. SpeciaUstsusuallyworkinmedicalcentresorinhospitals. Aspecialistwillexamineyouand prescribesometreatmentpillstabletsorsomeothermedicinewhichyoucanbuyatthechemists.Ifyoufee ltooilltogotothedoctor'syou'llstayinbedandsendforadoctor.


T: Let's discuss what good health depends on.

P10: I think good health depends on sport. All types of physical exercises are useful for our health. If you go in for sports, you'll have a good chance not to catch a cold, or become ill. A sound mind in a sound body.

T: What is the next thing that is necessary for our health?

P11: A balanced diet is very important for our health. If you eat well, you stay healthy.

Т: I agree with you. Don't forget that we eat for living not live for eating. Think twice before you start eating. Teenagers are getting fatter because their favourite food is:

- hamburgers;

- chips;

- hot dogs;

- pizzas;

- ice cream.

Besides, young people watch too much TV. The average teenager spends 27 hours a week in front of the "box" and nobody knows how many hours he sits in front of the computer.

How many hours do you spend on the computer?

T: Unfortunately, people eat what they want and don't mind their diet and calories. Our guest is a school doctor, who will tell us about the importance of a healthy diet.

Виступ лікаря

Ідеальна дієта складається з 3000 калорій. Гадаю ви вживаєте достатньо карбонатів, вітамінів, протеїнів, мінералів, і п'єте достатньо рідини. Заданими Всесвітньої організації здоров'я американці є найтовстішими людьми в світі: 55% — жінки, 63% — чоловіки. І навіть в таких країнах як Франція, Італія люди товстішають. Чи знаєте ви, що ми за рік з'їдаємо півтони їжі, не рахуючи рідини? Деякі люди з'їдають навіть більше. Подумайте двічі перед тим, як їсти. Епідемія розповсюджується.

Т: What rules should we follow to be strong and healthy?

P12:1 think they are as follows:

- get up early and go to bed early;

- take regular exercises to keep fit;

- take a cold/cool shower;

- eat healthy food;

- never smoke;

- clean teeth every morning and every evening;

- wash your hands before eating;

- sleep with the open window.

T: Is good health a gift?

P13: Good health is a gift, but it is also the responsibility of an individual to maintain their good health. And life is a gift we are given. We forget that we live only once. We are to do as much as possible to improve our health.


Т: We have spoken about the healthy way of life and the rules we should follow if we want to be healthy. Compliments are medicine for the soul. We began our lesson with complimenting. Let's do that again. Compliment each other. You are the best.


Make up a list of meals you eat in one week.

Джерело: English. – 2010. - № 41 - с. 10-11.

Suggested level - A2 pre-intermediate

Halyna Skryts'ka,

a teacher of English,

school # 24, Cherkasy

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