Конспект уроку на тему: "No smoking in our life"

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- to develop students' critical thinking and problem solving skills;

- to strengthen students' accuracy and fluency;

- to improve students' linguistic competency

- to develop students' skills in reading for information; listening and speaking skills.

Equipment: "Streetwise" intermediate, OUP; a cassette, anti-smoking advertisements; a microphone; Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary.



The topic of today's lesson is " N o Smoking in Our Life". We are going to speak on the problem, listen to your points of view and your ideas of how to give it up. I hope you'll do your best to convince each other that smoking is harmful and dangerous. At the same time you'll improve your language skills, working cooperatively, listening to different points of view, creating dialogues, discussing and exchanging opinions.


What words associated with smoking do you know?

Possible answers.

Nicotine, tobacco, ashtray, passive smoker, heavy smoker, butt, puff, warning label.



Game "Guess the Word"

1. A cylindrical object covered with paper, full of dead leaves. (A cigarette.)

2. A note that teaches you to be more careful. (A warning label.)

3. A small flame for lighting cigarettes. (A cigarette lighter.)

4. A person who smokes a lot. (A heavy smoker.)

5. A person who doesn't smoke but inhales the other people's smoke. (A passive smoker.)

6. A second hand cigarette. (A butt.)

7. To try a cigarette. (To puff.)

8. A shop nearby. (A corner shop.)


While reading

Read the text quickly and list the reasons why young people smoke.


I was just going home after school when I saw some of my classmates smoking. Before I could open my mouth, they cornered me, blowing smoke in my face and chanting: " I t kills 50,000 people a year."

 " I t doesn't only damage your own health, but the health of those around you."

 "Each cigarette knocks five minutes off your life."

 " It ' s just like kissing an ashtray."

I couldn't see why, if they knew all this, they still smoked, but they were happy to talk about why.

Ann said that she started when she was thirteen. Her older sister was going out with a heavy smoker. One night their parents were out and her sister and boyfriend had said jokingly, "Would you like a cigarette?" She'd said OK, because she didn't want to look stupid. Smoking made her feel dizzy and hurt the back of her throat, but she carried on to impress her sister and her boyfriend. Now she bought her fags from the corner shop or got them from her friends. She didn't think there was any point in her giving up as her mum and dad smoked and her health was still in danger because she was breathing in their smoke anyway. She also said she thought smoking made her look sexy.

Dave said he enjoyed smoking and thought it made him look big and hard. He started smoking when he and his cousin bought some cigarettes and tried them down by the river. At first he only smoked at parties and discos. Later he found a cigarette helped after arguments with his mum.

At the end they insisted on my having one, so that I knew what I was missing. They suggested that there was something wrong with me if I didn't smoke. I had a puff, which didn't feel too bad, though it made me want to cough. I took two or three really deep breaths. I started coughing, my eyes watered and I nearly fainted. When I began to look as if I was about to throw up, my classmates, who thought it was very funny, left.

On the way home I stopped to buy some chewing gum to cover up the smell. Got home, cleaned my teeth and held my breath when mum kissed me goodnight. After reading

Answer the following questions.

1. What happened when the boy was going home from school?

2. How did Ann start smoking?

3. What about Dave? Does he remember his first cigarette?


T: According to the research 60% of men and 20% of women smoke in Ukraine. Smoking kills them but still many young people smoke. Why do you think so many people smoke?

Possible answers.

They want to impress their friends.

They think they are attractive and sexy.

They want to look big and hard.

They want to copy their parents.

They want to look like grown-ups.

They get pleasure from smoking.

They have a lot of free time and nothing to do.


V. Some students have prepared the information on the attitude to smoking in the USA and Great Britain. Let's give the floor to them.

SI: Throughout the USA, the number of places where people are allowed to smoke has gradually become smaller and smaller. First, it was banned in trains, buses and planes, then in public places such as theatres, airports. Now you can't smoke in any workplace. The non-smokers are winning the battle. Why should we breathe their smoke? — They say.

S2: In Great Britain the number of boys who smoke has been falling, but not the number of girls. Children are influenced by their friends and older brothers and sisters. It has been suggested that any form of advertising relating to cigarettes should be banned. In Britain it is illegal to sell any tobacco product to anyone below the age of 16. In spite of this, children of 11-16 spend up 9 million a year on cigarettes. "D This information shows a negative attitude to smoking in those countries. And what measures are taken in Ukraine against cigarettes?

S3: As far as I know in September 2005 the law was adopted in Ukraine. It began to function. Smoking is banned in public places at the legislative level.

S4: There is a penalty for smoking in public places.

T: What measures should be taken?

S I : It is necessary to stop advertising cigarettes on TV, on the radio, in the press; to limit children's access to films advertising bad habits.

S2: Strict measures should be taken against smoking.

Джерело: English. – 2010. - № 18 - с. 20-21.

Suggested level – B1 intermediate

Valentyna Sarana,

a teacher of English,

school # 30,


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