Конспект уроку на тему: "We are what we eat"

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- to develop students' listening, speaking, writing and reading skills;

- to activate students' vocabulary on the topic;

- to develop students' creative thinking, their attention and memory;

- to teach cooperation in pair and group work;

- to develop students' abilities to analyse the text and exchange the information;

- to enlarge students' knowledge about different eating styles.

Equipment: a cassette, pictures, cards, handouts.



T: Good morning, students. I see your eyes are full of a great wish to start our lesson, study English and get good knowledge. Is it really so? Let's start working. Our lesson will be devoted to food. We will talk about healthy food, do a lot of activities and have fun.


T: Let's begin with listening to the poem "The Food I Like". Students who have got cards A write down the names of t h e days of t h e week, and students with cards B write down the names of t he food.


On Sunday I like meat and chips,

On Monday bread and cheese,

On Tuesday Coca-Cola

And pizza, m-m, yes, please.

On Wednesday it's spaghetti,

And on Thursday eggs and fish,

On Friday I like sandwiches

And ice cream in a dish.

But Saturday is my favourite day.

Oh, yes, it is very nice.

On Saturday it's chicken salad,

Bread and butter, rice.

T: Now let's read the poem. (Students take turns reading aloud.)

T: I wonder if you had breakfast in the morning. Who made it for you?

What did you have for breakfast?

And what do you prefer to have?




T: What do you associate the word 'food' with? I want you to create a mind map.

(Students come up to the blackboard, write down their associations and comment on them.)

Pyramid discussion

(Teachergives each student a card with 25 words on the topic "Food".)

T: Individually choose 12 words you think are the names of healthy products. Then in pairs choose 7 words. Then in groups of four choose 5 words and write them down on the sheets of paper. After that one representative of t he groups will explain why you have chosen just these words.

(Students make a presentation at the blackboard.)

List of Products:

1) yoghurt;

2) pizza;

3) ready-made food;

4) G M food;

5) sausages;

6) Coca-Cola;

7) pre-cooked food;

8) pasta with sauce;

9) hamburger;

10) green tea;

11) rice;

12) cereals;

13) soups;

14) ham;

15) ice cream;

16) spicy food;

17) vegetables;

18) soft drinks;

19) bread;

20) fried meat;

21) French fries;

22) crisps;

23) sandwiches;

24) chocolate;

25) sea food.

T: Now let's choose 3 words together, 3 healthy products.


While listening

Listen to what Larry and Marie will order at the café and think who will order healthy food.


Cashier: Next, please.

Larry: Er, I'd like a Mega Prince...

Cashier: With cheese?

Larry: Yeah, with cheese, please, and, er, French fries a mega portion... and, er, a chocolate ice cream sundae and a mega coke.

Cashier: Mega Prince with cheese, mega French fries, chocolate ice cream sundae, mega coke. Next, please.

Larry: What are you having, Marie?

Marie: Er, well, I'll have a tuna salad, I suppose, and a bottle of mineral water, please.

Cashier: Tuna salad, mineral water. Next, please...

T: Who ordered healthy food?

S I : I think it's Marie.

T: And what about Larry?

S2: He ordered harmful food because...

(Gap filling can be one more listening task.)


Jigsaw reading

The text "Dinner" is divided into 4 parts. Four students get these 4 parts and the rest of the students are given the cards with questions to each part.

T: Read the abstracts from your cards and then in pairs share the information answering your partner's questions.


Dinner is a family meal. It is the one time of the day when the family would really be together, because people usually have their breakfast at different time, upon the time they leave for school or work; everyone has lunch in their place of work or study, but dinner is for the whole family. Now dinner consists of three parts: an appetiser, a main course and a dessert.

For an appetiser they might have some sort of fruit. It might be a half of grapefruit, or a fruit cup (which is a collection of various fruit). Or in the cold weather they serve soup.

The main course usually consists of meat or fish along with vegetables and salad. The vegetables are usually one form of potatoes: fried, mashed or baked.

Salad may be one of many kinds. It usually consists of lettuce and they chop tomatoes to it or cucumbers or both, and cover it with a special sauce or dressing. For dressing they mix mayonnaise and ketchup.

Ice cream plays an important role in dessert, or they eat some fruit. Jello is a typically American dessert which is easy to make. It is a type of jelly in the form of strawberry or grape and is a favourite with children. It is very light and as they say "There is always room for jello". Pies and cakes are their favourite, especially apple pie. The expression is "to be as American as apple pie".


T: Your home assignment for today was to learn the adjectives on the topic. Let's take the names of t he food from the text and make collocations.

S I : An appetiser can be cold or hot.

S2: Salad can be salty, spicy, tasty or sweet...

T: Look at the blackboard. There are a lot of pictures. You may go and take one of them. I want you to boast a little.

For example: My coffee is sweet, but my cappuccino is tastier.

S I : My fruit is healthier.

S2: My breakfast is the most expensive...


T: And now my surprise. Today is my birthday and I want to invite you all to the restaurant. But I can't order food by myself as you are so different. So let's imagine the situation.

You (SI) are a vegetarian. Please look at the menu and advise me what to order for you.

You (S2) love eating out in the restaurants and enjoy advising people what to eat and drink. I really need your help in ordering.

You (S3) are not very hungry as you are recovering from a cold. What would you like?

You (S4) are crazy about healthy food. What would you say?

You (S5) adore fast food. Maybe you will find something for you.

You (S6) are keen on fish and seafood.

You (S7) like exotic food.

And you (S8) are a fan of Chinese food.

You (S9) like meat most of all.

Look at t h e menu and l e t ' s order food to your taste.


T: Tell me what we have done in the lesson. What did you like most? And who would sum up what food is considered to be healthy and what food you like to eat. (One student draws a conclusion.)




You spend a great deal of your lives thinking about food. A lot of people say that our attitude to food is the same as our attitude to life. Do this questionnaire and discover more about yourself and which jobs you would be good at.

1. If you were invited to have dinner in an expensive restaurant by your friend's parents and you discovered that they had your favourite food but it was very expensive, would you order it?

a) Yes. b) No. c) Maybe.

2. If you were on a diet but someone offered you a piece of chocolate cake because it was their birthday, would you eat it?

a) Yes. b) No. c) Maybe.

3. In some parts of China, they eat dogs. If you went to China, would you try it?

a) No, because it would taste horrible.

b) Yes.

c) Maybe, but you prefer not to because you like dogs.

4. If you were in a restaurant and you found a hair in your food, would you complain?

a) Yes. b) No. c) Maybe.

Джерело: English. – 2010. - № 18- с. 22-23.

Suggested level - A2 pre-intermediate

(Basedon the coursebook "Opportunities"pre-intermediate, Pearson, Longman.)

Iryna Boychuk,

a teacher of English,

school # 1, Ivano-Frankivs'k

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