Конспект уроку на тему: "Appearance and character"

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- to generalise and expand students' knowledge on the topic;

- to revise grammar and lexical material;

- to improve students' speaking, reading, listening and writing skills;

- to practise describing people's appearance and character, writing "Persona Poem".

Equipment: a tape recorder, cassettes with the listening patterns, a poster with a crossword; handouts for students.



T: Today the theme of our lesson is "Appearance and character". We will review lexical units on our topic, discuss features of character and appearance. Let's start with a chant. (Chant "What's the matter? You looktired" (C. Graham^ Oxford University Press)

What's the matter?

You look tired,

You look awful.

I got fired.

Oh no, that's too bad!

I'm so sorry to hear that.

What's the matter with Joe?

He looks tired,

He looks nervous.

He got fired.

Oh no, that's too bad!

I'm so sorry to hear that.

T: What features of character do you appreciate most?

What features of character are the most important for you?

Does person's appearance have something to do with character?

Pupils' possible answers.

PI : I appreciate if people are friendly, creative and dynamic.



T: Work in pairs and together with your partner describe your favourite cartoon characters.


T: Each of us has a favourite colour. Recent psychological studies prove that preference for a colour can reveal the person's character. For instance, calm and peaceful people prefer one colour while those who are dynamic, active and confident like another, etc. Read the text and test yourself. Do you agree or disagree with this test? Prove your answer.



If green is your favourite colour, it means you are dynamic and quite active. You are very much aware of what is happening inside you and around you. You control your emotions very well and like to be open towards others. This balance allows you to understand every situation well and make the right choice. You are always looking to improve your situation and that of those around you. In fact you are ready to help everybody. You have a friendly character and you are very sociable.


Yellow's a bright colour, full of light, lively... like you. You are quite sociable and full of brilliant ideas. You like to fantasise about your future and always like to discover new things in life. You are adventurous. But, perhaps, you should pay more attention to reality instead of living in dreams. Nevertheless, you like to compare yourself with others and this helps you to be more realistic in your thinking. You are honest and put all your efforts in whatever you do.


You are full of life, energetic and good-humoured. You have many interests to which you give a lot of attention. Often, you set yourself a target and you do your best to reach it. You are always on the move. You like to practise various sports and meet new friends.


Blue represents tranquility and calm. You like to be in harmony with your surroundings and feel safe in them. You have a balanced attitude towards everything. Before making any move, you reflect Upon it and when you have made your decision, you do it with great care. You are considered to be an affectionate person.

From "Teen".


While listening

Listen to a conversation between three friends outside the theatre and tick (V)the correct answer in the table below.


Who is …?






No one









































2. Listen again. Match the people (Maria, Jack, Kate and Susie — one of them expresses two opinions!) with the opinions below. Write their initials next to each statement.

1. Susie is never punctual.

2. Susie might not notice us in the café.

3. Susie might have stuck in a traffic jam.

4. I 'm sure that we decided to meet at 6.30 p.m.

5. Jenny is too talkative.


Maria: I can't stand it anymore. Where is she? We've been waiting here for an hour. If she thinks...

Jack: Maria, please... Stop that. We still have time. Let's go to this café on the corner if you like.

Maria: No, no, Jack. Better stay here. She might not notice us in the café. But it's terrible. She's always late. Kate, what time did you tell her to come?

Kate: I 'm pretty sure that I said we were meeting outside the theatre at 6.30 p.m. But I might have said at 7.30.1 don't remember exactly!

Jack: Don't worry. She must be on her way. Don't get impatient. It's Wednesday evening. You know how difficult it is to get anywhere in our city at this time of day. Give her more time.

Maria: Kate, have you got her mobile phone? Call her or I'll go crazy.

Kate: No, you won't. Look! She is there. Hi, Susie! What took you so long?

Susie: Hi. I 'm late. I knew it would end like this. First, my dad wanted me to walk the dog. He didn't want to hear any excuses. Then Jenny rang and was talking about shopping she had done before. You know, when Jenny starts her stories you are sure to spend half a day listening to her. All in all, when I got in my car, I realised I had forgotten my driving license. Then I stuck in the traffic jam, you know... But I am here. We can go in...

Maria: All right, Susie. Have you got your ticket?

Susie: Oh no! I can't believe...

Key: 1.1) Susie; 2) Jack; 3) No one; 4) Maria; 5) Jenny. 2.1) Maria; 2) Maria; 3) Jake; 4) Kate; 5) Susie.


T: Finally, we will write a creative piece of work called "Persona Poem". Look at the blackboard where you can see the scheme of this verse. This is an eight-line poem.

Write a poem about one of your classmate.

Line 1 : first name or nickname of the person in the poem.

Line 2: 4 adjectives which describe the person.

Line 3: describing an attitude towards the person, X of Y formula.

Line 4: who loves ____ , ____ and ___ = 3 things the person loves.

Line 5: who is afraid of ____ , ____ and = 3 things.

Line 6: who wants to see ____ , ____ and = 3 things.

Line 7: resident of = place/time/concept.

Line 8: surname of the person in the poem.



Sociable, handsome, confident, kind

Friend of Max

Who loves books, sport and bikes

Who is afraid of exams, teachers and mum

Who wants to see friends, classmates and fans

Resident of our gymnasia


(Students read their creations.)


T: Let's sum up what we have discussed in the lesson. What features would you like to improve or develop in your character? What personality do you intend to be?

Our time is over. Thank you very much for our lesson. You were active, hard-working, creative and cute. Your marks are … .


Write a poem about your best friend or relative.

Джерело: English. – 2010. - № 6- с. 13-14.

Suggested level - B1+ intermediate

Olena Lukianets,

a teacher of English,

gymnasia #191

named after P. Tychyna, Kyiv

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