Конспект уроку на тему: "Character and personality"

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- to develop students' reading and speaking skills;

- to discover moral values through varied creative classroom activities;

- to involve students into communicative activities by means of pair and group work;

- to develop students' listening skills.

Equipment: a smart board, a multimedia projector, a graphic projector, a computer, a flip-chart, video.



T: Good morning. How are you? Let's revise some of the things we did last time. We practised using the Present Continuous Tense. Now, listen to the Grammar Chant.

Where is Jack? What is he doing?

He is fixing our VCR.

Where is Bob? What is he doing?

He is trying to park his car.

Where is Kate? What is she doing?

She is writing a note to Tim.

Where is Jane? What is she doing?

She is calling her brother Jim.

Where are the kids? What are they doing?

They are taking their dog for a walk.

Where are your folks? What are they doing?

They are having a little talk.

T: Work in groups of three. Read out your words in the card and try to combine these words in a sentence. Make as many different combinations as you can. Then appoint a spokesperson of your group to read your best sentences or quotations.


1. Inner beauty is more important than physical beauty.

2. Three things in human life are important: the first thing is to be kind, the second is to be kind and the third is to be kind.

3. Fair heart never won fair lady.

4. To be good is noble, but to teach others how to be good is nobler and less trouble.

5. Little body often harbours a great soul.

6. Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.

T: "A man of value..." What is another way of saying a "man of value"?

What is the synonym for a "man of value"?

What is the shorter way of saying a "man of value"?

(A personality)

What helps us to describe the character and personality?

SI: Manners.

S2: Inner beauty.

S3: Person's actions.

S4: Feelings.


Pre-listening task

T: Feelings can describe personality and people's character. But the shapes of a person's lips can say a lot about them. The 5000-year-old art of face reading is gaining popularity. So, take a look at the shape of someone's lips to find out about their personality.

While-listening task

T: Read the adjectives under each picture, then listen to the tape recorder and tick the adjectives you hear.


People with full lips are usually responsible. You can always trust them to do what you ask them to do. They are also decisive; they make decisions quickly. On the other hand, they tend to be rather bossy. They like telling other people what to do!

People who have a thin upper and full lower lip are energetic. They work very hard and like participating in a lot of activities. They are ambitious as well. People with thin lips are determined; they know what they want and they do all they can to get it.

People who have lips with down turning corners are very generous. They love giving things to other people and helping them.

Full lips





Thin upper with a full lower lip





Thin lips





Lips with down turning corners





Post-listening task

T: Look at these famous people's lips and talk about their characters. of these qualities are most important to you? Place them in the order of importance. Explain your choice.


While-watching task

T: Teachers are known to be honest, kind, respectful of people's feelings. I would like to draw your attention to the interview with the pupils from our school. Look, listen to it and answer the question:

What would you do to be a good teacher?

Possible answers:

SI: I would improve my knowledge of English.

S2: I would encourage my students and help them in learning English.

S3: I would do my best to teach young learners well.

S4: I would make my lessons interesting and informative.

S5: I would support my students and never forget that each student is a personality.

Post-watching task

T: And now, dear friends, would you describe the teacher of your dream?


SI: I strongly believe, that the teacher of my dream is a person who is devoted to the subject and students. S/he should be patient, because some students take much time to learn new material. An ideal teacher should be calm, tolerant, clever and well-bread. In conclusion, I should say that the real teacher should be a personality.


T: I am sure, you understand the fact, that your life is in your own hands. Nobody will come and say, "Take happiness, success and money!" It doesn't come true, until you achieve it by yourselves. Your wishes and ambitions will help you very much. You should reconstruct yourselves and never give up.

Джерело: English. – 2006. - № 17

Level - A2 pre-intermediate

Iryna Shkliar,

a teacher of English,

school # 28, Zhytomyr

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